Very through, very nice and very fast service.

John F.

Went to walmart first. What a mistake! Worth the 1 minute drive up the road. Fast and friendly!!

Valued Custsomer

Fast and Friendly service. Made sure all of my questions were answered and valued my time!! I recommend you check them out!!!

Brian W

I bought my brand new 2017 Jeep Rubicon in Detroit and drove it to Dallas TX. Just longer than about an hour from Dallas I stopped in to Kwik Kar-Lindale to get my oil changed. I had zero wait time and was directed to pull into their shop. After the staff learned this Jeep was new to me they started to show me how to check the fluids, how to change the oil filter (I didn't know it was above the engine) and even showed me the fill plugs for the transmission, differentials etc. With time I would have figured these things out myself but it was SO NICE to have these guys point them out to me. They had about 5 or 6 guys working in the shop and I think up to 3 on my Jeep at any given time. They were done so fast I didn't really want to leave because I was enjoying looking over my new ride but another customer was coming in to the bay behind me (they have 4 or 5 bays) so I paid and drove off. When I went out to eat that night I realized these guys don't have a tip jar out for customers. I felt guilty, they should have been given a tip! Has anyone else been tipping the service men on their vehicles? I think I'm going to start doing that.

Doug D

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